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Grounded! More Confessions of an Angel in Training
Shel Delisle, author
STUCK IN HEAVEN Angel In Training Grace Lightbourne is on cloud nine after receiving her halo only to learn she won't be returning to Earth anytime soon because of a Guardian Angel downsizing. She’d hoped that her “apprenticeship” meant she was done with Angel School, but now she’s forced to return to her classes. So, it comes as no surprise when she's called to Archangel Michael's office for speaking her mind. It simply means another detention to be served. Instead, she's blessed with a miracle, an opportunity to take a new Assignment in New York City. With only one Mission behind her, can Grace resist the temptations of The Big Apple? Grounded!, the second book in the lighthearted Angel in Training series, features your favorite characters from Winging It!—Mercy, Faith, Aisha, and, of course, Victor—all supporting Grace as she continues her quest for wings.