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Grow Up!
HAVE YOU EVER FELT LIKE THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF DECISIONS TO MAKE AND NO ONE TO TURN TO? \tGrowing up means making daily decisions on your own and living with the consequences. Whether you are deciding between renting an apartment or buying a house, leasing or buying a car, or figuring out which credit score is the right one, there doesn’t seem to be a simple way to figure out the answer. You can go the hard road and learn from your mistakes, or make your life easier and read this book! “GROW UP” WILL PROVIDE GUIDANCE IN MANY AREAS, SUCH AS: \t\t\t- Buying a car without being taken for a ride \t\t\t- Managing money to provide peace of mind and never being broke \t\t\t- Handling college and student loans so you don’t risk ending up in debt for the rest of your life \t\t\t- Getting your own place without fear of leases and mortgages \t\t\t- Understanding credit scroes to increase your chances of getting money when you need it \t\t\t- Feeling fulfilled by creating the successful career and lifestyle you want \t\t\t- And much more... “GROW UP” IS A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, YOUNG ADULT OR ANYONE STRIVING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW THE WORLD WORKS WITHOUT FEELING LOST, OVERWHELMED OR CONFUSED.