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Guys in Their 20s in the '60s
Guys in Their 20s in the ’60s is twelve chronological stories told through the experiences of three former high-school buddies: Adrian, a drummer; Mitchell, a theater student; and Dave, a carpenter. They don’t aspire to conquer the world, but strive to figure out how to maintain a music career that’s inconsistent, earn a college degree that might be out of reach, and live a simple lifestyle away from the chaos. Starting in Sacramento, then swept up in the great migration to San Francisco, the guys make it up as they go. Learning, loving, evolving and road-tripping, they persevere in spite of seismic events all around: civil rights disturbances, political assassinations, and anti-war protests. Helping them negotiate a cultural revolution is a diverse cast of characters—girlfriends, jazz cats, student activists, drama geeks, nightclub musicians, stoners and dreamers. “Guys” is appealing to women as well as to men. At times, tragic, funny, romantic, entertaining or nostalgic, this historically-rooted novel places the reader in the footsteps of those who have trod the outskirts of the ‘60s counterculture.