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Habits For Nurses: An Injection Of Simplicity In A Stat World
Beau Salts, author

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

Nurses have a hard job. They need advice that works. Being a nurse is physically and emotionally demanding; the shifts are long and grueling, there are always more tasks than time, and both your patients and coworkers can be difficult. It’s no secret that a nurse’s life is hard. But finding ways to cope is hard, and most self-help books just aren’t written for nurses. If you’re working 12-hour shifts, you barely have enough time for basic needs, much less elaborate self-care routines designed for people with normal working schedules. Habits for Nurses is different, because it was written by a registered nurse with a degree in psychology. In this book, Beau Salts, RN draws on years of experience to provide you with effective, concrete steps you can take to improve your quality of life. This guide includes practical advice on: ● The surprising way that a gorilla can help you destroy your negative mental energy ● Building emotional resilience and managing stress ● The little-known percentage that will build your inner strength ● How your wall can streamline your laundry routine ● A principle from nursing school that will minimize the time you spend on household chores ● Priceless wisdom on dealing with difficult people, including difficult patients ● And much more! Salts knows these tips work, because he uses them himself. Habits for Nurses is a book with honest, practical advice from someone who’s spent plenty of time in the trenches, just like you. Nurses have a uniquely challenging job. They need tips tailored to their needs, from someone who knows how things work. Pick up Habits for Nurses and start building healthy habits today!