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Halfway to Creepy 2
Anthony Mays, author
Stories just got creepier with Halfway to Creepy 2. This book is the second in a collection of bizarre, short stories that are sure to stir your imagination and take you on a psychological journey. If you are into spooky, the weird, curious or odd, then you must read Creepy 2. As with Halfway to Creepy, you may find there is a certain familiarity about these stories from your own experiences. I believe we all have a natural calling to want to scare ourselves while knowing there is a separation from reality and the other worldly. My goal was to let you find the creepy by allowing your mind to fill in those blank areas where I purposefully did not detail a scene or conclusion. If you find that you enjoyed any of these stories, I invite you to try Halfway to Creepy and/or one of my thriller novels.