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R.F. Sharp, author
DIME and ROXANNE were prom dates ten years before but Dime, always looking for quick and easy money, gravitated to direct sales and currently sells cemetery lots door to door for a mob connected company. Roxanne became the euthanasia person at the local animal shelter, a job she enjoys a bit too much. Roxanne is obsessed with Dime and a bit crazy. Dime’s legal troubles escalate when he agrees to act as bodyguard for his boss in a business meeting which gets out of hand and now is being sought by the police for murder. Out of money and options, he agrees to move in with Roxanne and her family until he can arrange to join a carnival where he would become anonymous. Roxanne wants to join him but is tied down taking care of her father, a terminally ill retired carnival worker with his own secrets, SHERRY, her autistic sister, and her brother KEVIN who is slowly dying of Muscular Dystrophy. Dime’s initial plan was to take off without her but he has to wait until money comes in from her father’s source to finance the carnival venture. Time stretches out and he becomes attached to the family, finally deciding to stay with them and work out his troubles. Roxanne is unaware of his new plan, thinking he is leaving without her so plans to eliminates the ties holding her by euthanizing the family. She kills her father, an assisted suicide at best, but her plan fails as to her siblings and she ends up dead. Circumstances are such that Dime is convicted of killing her, though he is innocent. He goes to prison not knowing that Sherry has the evidence that could exonerate him one day.