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Happily Ever After
Do you know the feeling when you’re practically glued to your screen and your brain is screaming “One more episode!” even though it’s 3 a. m.? Are you someone who can’t start their day without a cup of coffee or end it without a glass of wine? Have you ever noticed that you go shopping whenever you feel sad or lonely – not when you actually need new things? Many addictions appear innocent at first. What’s so bad about spending a few hours scrolling Facebook and reading random arguments between people you don’t even know? And why not watch porn every evening when it’s so much easier than cultivating a sexual relationship? But every addiction is dangerous. It robs you of money, time, and health. It robs you of your freedom to do what is best for you. By bombarding you with supernormal stimuli, it literally rewires your brain and turns you into an obedient slave. Take action and regain your freedom now! This insightful and practical book will help you become aware of your addictions and overcome them with step-by-step techniques approved by therapists, dietitians, and motivation coaches. Break the evil spell of addiction and reclaim your happiness!