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Jeanne Conway
Harold and the Legend of the Singing Turtles
Jeanne Conway, illustrator

Children/Young Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Many years ago on the island of Tigo Tigo, there lived a turtle named Harold who dreamt of learning to sing like the birds. All the other turtles on the island discouraged him from trying to sing, telling him that turtles just couldn't sing. But Harold was convinced that he could learn to sing and even the strange grunts that he was able to make did not discourage this melodious turtle. One lucky day, Harold met Melanie, the meadowlark, in the forest. Did she teach him to sing? Yes, she did. After that, Harold taught all the other turtles on the island and they taught their children. Even today, on the island of Tigo Tigo, on a hot summer evening you can still hear the little turtles singing, all thanks to the determination of Harold, the very first singing turtle.

A story with important lessons
By Martha K. on August 31, 2015
Harold and the Legend of the Singing Turtles is an insightful, engaging, and illuminating story for children about some of life's most important lessons. Harold persists in achieving his dream, and in so doing makes important contributions as a role model who builds community and camaraderie among his friends and family. The story's backdrop is the natural world, a subtle reminder of the importance of our environment to our lives, accomplishments, and happiness. The book's marvelous artwork reinforces the role of arts and culture in our lives. A must read for all children and the rest of us as well.



A great find!
By Jan Collier on August 28, 2015
This is a wonderful little book with a message for us all. It's about our dreams and the struggle to fulfill them. It's about the importance of persistence and perserverance. And it gets its message across with a sweet story about Harold, a turtle who dreams of being able to sing. We follow along on his journey, accompanied by exquisitely done illustrations. I would definitely recommend this for kids around five or six AND their parents. A book to be read and reread.



Delightful story!
By AH on August 29, 2015
Such a delightful story for young children and it teaches the all important message of never giving up on your dreams no matter how many obstacles you encounter. It is beautifully illustrated and cleverly written. A must read for elementary school children...teachers can use this book as a springboard for teaching an important life lesson. I highly recommend this book.


A wonderful story with a marvelous message
By Paul E. Petruska on October 18, 2015

A wonderful story with a marvelous message. I will be donating Harold and The Legend Of the Singing Turtles to my children's school library as well as the school counselor. The illustrations are breathtaking.



The Singing Turtles is a Hit!
By Bill Judge on September 21, 2015

A lovely book, full of gentleness and determination - a call to dreamers everywhere, especially those who follow their dreams. A great, inspirational story and filled with bright, cheerful illustrations. A wonderful book for children and older folks with young hearts