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Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks: A physician's advice
Dr. Tavel, a conventional physician, presents work of medically sound advice and insights: It's divided into three parts: 1. TIPS about health and wellness that can be incorporated into one’s daily life that, hopefully, will create a healthier and longer physical outlook, less waste of money, and maybe even lower body weight (if you are one of those many with excess fat storage). 2. The second section concerns the subject of MYTHS, that is, common misconceptions about almost anything regarding our physical makeup and how we relate to the world around us. 3. The final section, TRICKS, is devoted to various stratagems that are designed to take your money in exchange for useless—or dangerous—Snake Oil products or information. Despite the division into three sections, there is in fact much overlap, because if one believes many of the myths, this may cause one to forego measures (tips) that may have afforded better health. On the other hand, mythical beliefs may cause us to fall easy prey to those dreaded scams, and the Snake Oil that we all desire to avoid. Dr. Tavel has drawn from an eclectic collection of material that includes his personal biomedical background, scientific publications, media reports deemed accurate, and many other trustworthy sources from the most reliable, and scientifically documented information.

Health Tips, Myths and Tricks is a highly valuable book covering range of issues relating to health. Published in 2015 and authored by Dr. Morton E. Tavel, M.D. ; Health Tips, Myths and Tricks is a non- fictional book, which though written in American context but generally covers all societies .Through this book Dr. Morton helps to mitigate many of the myths out there by supporting his opinion with solid research. The book consists of three sections. First is about Health Tips to maintain general well-being in our daily life. Second section is about myths and misconceptions prevail in our society about health. Third section contains Tricks to avoid dangerous products and information.

In health tips section author covers aids to losing weight; its effects and consequences and benefits of eating breakfast. According to him “a recent large study appearing in the American Heart Association Journal showed that ,men who skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk of heart disease compared with those who did not” .According to him excessive use of trans fat has bad impact on health so saturated fat (good cholesterol) should be used as an alternative. Next possible impact of coffee, green tea and chocolate has been discussed with pros and cons.

In this book author clearly explains the role of fast food in increasing Trans fat. He further discusses in detail the nutritional value of fish and risks associated with it. Dr. Morton pours light on benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, possible health effects of nuts, seeds and oil and their significant role in lowering cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. So no doubt it provides valuable information to diet conscious people. Author has discussed at length the dietary approaches to stop hypertension along with effect of red meat, red wine and arsenic food. Author has also given good account of correct use of pain killers and suggestions to promote good health.

Dr. Morton has also attacked several myths which prevail in our society about the energy drinks, fortified food, genetically modified seed, consuming organic foods and gluten free diets bottled water and different allergies. Hence provide correct facts about these things and their correct usage to avoid harm.

In the last section of tricks the author has provided many remedial measures to avoid negative impact of these prevailing myths. Author reiterates people to keep from quacks and nostrums. In the end he provides sufficient information about dietary supplements and has explored new options for standard medical care.

The author has provided valuable information about drug companies and so called media health authorities to save them from unhealthy medical tips. Dr. Morton quoted “according to IMS health, a pharmaceutical intelligence company which track drugs sales and marketing ,drug maker spent $4.3 billion to reach consumers and $16.6 billion on promotions aimed at both patients and physicians”. He urged people to be skeptical and check credentials of medical specialist through Google, Wikipedia or other medical institutions instead of following them blindly.

In my view author should have included too herbal and eastern medicines which are well known for their healing power without any major side effects .In chapter 19 -arsenic in food – author has over emphasized the role of arsenic in rice, because in many parts of the world like in south Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, India) rice makes major part of meal .but there no evidence that it had effected their health rather people there are much sharp with high IQ level. Yes ,arsenic level is high in water due to impurities and lack of filtration.

By and large, health tips myths and tricks is a must read book. Written in simple medical language book covers all important health issues usually faced by people and has helped to remove many misconceptions. The author has provided many laws pertaining to health which will be very helpful for readers especially American nationals from being exploited in hands of snake oil salesmen. The book is well written free from typos. So I rate this book 4 out of 4.

The book evinces right medication for those who are sick of quacks and nostrums and want to replenish their health without wasting money. So I would recommend the book for health conscious house wives, young adults and medical students as a reference book.