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One of WARREN ROBERTS’ SWAT cronies once told him a woman would run naked into the street to save her baby, but a man would stop to put on his pants first. It was an interesting thought, an enigma to ride the back of his mind and wait for a time of future analysis. But time plays tricks and sometimes there is no time for analysis, only for action. Action soon takes on a whole new meaning as he embarks on the most embarrassing job he's ever attempted—working undercover as a movie extra. Just one day of bungling tells him he would weep for joy over some high-risk, tactical, search and rescue operation involving weapons of mass destruction, that is, provided it is anywhere but Hollywood. For a man with his diverse skill sets, it takes only three days to locate background actress, RAINY WRAY. It takes him slightly longer to discover why he is really locating this blithe hippy. Only after he bungles them both into a quagmire of disaster does he take his acting seriously.
Warren Roberts, the endearingly imperfect hero of this suspenseful whodunit from mother and daughter James, was a member of a Chicago police SWAT team until the physical wear and tear proved too much. Warren must now settle for routine investigative jobs from his PI friend, Bob Caine. His latest assignment, to find 29-year-old Lorraine “Rainy” Wray at the behest of her estranged father, looks like more of the same. Warren finds Rainy easily, on the set of an L.A. film shoot, where he poses as an extra to gain her confidence and her home address. Rainy disarms him with her generosity, providing him with appropriate clothes to wear for the film that belonged to a friend of hers, an extra who fell off a cliff during a shoot. Rainy’s revelation that she suspects foul play in her friend’s death, followed by an attempt on Warren’s life and the execution of Bob in Chicago, plunges Warren into a convoluted mystery. Readers will hope to see more of Warren in a sequel. (BookLife)
Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

Wow! Just, wow! That's exactly what I thought when I finished reading Hell is Naked by author duo Jean James and Mary James. This story grabbed me from the very start and kept me obsessively reading all the way through to the very end! Follow the story of Warren Roberts, a man used to his role as a tough guy. SWAT team member, all-round macho man, he finds himself in one of the most embarrassing roles of his life, that of an undercover agent as a movie extra. Warren longs to get back to what he loves best, the manly world of real detective work. It takes him only a short time to find the object of his worth, Rainy Wray, although he's not quite sure why anyone would want to find her. It doesn't take him to long to figure out that there's more to Rainy and her situation than meets the eye, and soon he realizes that he just might be fighting for both of their lives. Will they make it through? You'll need to read the book to find out!

I very much enjoyed Hell is Naked. Authors Jean James and Mary James have done a great job in creating characters that their readers will relate to, connect with, and truly come to care about. If that isn't a hallmark of a great author, I'm not sure what is. Their writing style is crisp and full of action, and has a great deal of humor as well. Any reader looking for an exciting, action filled and fun new read of fiction should absolutely give this book a chance. I am so pleased to be able to highly recommend Hell is Naked and look forward to reading more from Jean James and Mary James as soon as I possibly can!

Award winning novel

Congratulations Jean James and Mary James!
"Hell is Naked"
is a 2017 Readers' Favorite Finalist in the Fiction - Action genre!

Soundtrack to Hell Is Naked - Blazing

The new Mean Mary CD, Blazing, which is also the soundtrack to their new award-winning novel, was released December 12, 2017 (the same day as the novel).