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Wayne Hoss
Author, Contributor, Editor (anthology)
Hell's Gates Wide Open
Wayne Hoss, author
Prepare yourself for one of mankind’s ultimate nightmares, a tale of horrific things that have been predicted to befall mankind one day soon! Things so terrible that no man can imagine them. For centuries people has pondered the end of times and the future of humanity, as well as life after death. People fear the very thought of going to hell, they wonder what it will be like on Judgment day, the end of the world as we know it, and the hell and devastation that it will bring. This is not your average run of the mill faith-based book, it is way more than that. It is a Horror Story that will frighten people like no other faith-based book or movie has ever done, for this story dares to go where no other writer has ever ventured before, and shows God judging people (hypothetically) at the end of the book and the things that he does to the sinners are horrifying, albeit much deserved. This is one book that they will never forget, and one that people will be talking about for many years to come. This book will terrify you and give you chills to the bone, it will scare you and at the same time enlighten you as to some of the many questions people ponder from time to time about the horrific things that have been predicted to happen someday soon, prophecies of terrible tradgedies, duseases that spread rapidly and kill many, great earthquakes and floods as well as well as the end of the world as we know it and the final judgment of all mankind which may lead to spending eternity in hellfire. This story reveals some of the prophecies that have already been fulfilled which proves the end is near and the predictions are indeed being fuldilled to this very day. The first scene in the story will frighten you beyond belief, it begins with God passing Judgment on a man who has not lived up to his expectations and therefore God finds him guilty of living according to the way of Satan rather than according to Gods Laws and sentences him to spend eternity in Hell. God commands the collector of that which belongs to Satan, the WINGED DEMON to come and collect that which belongs to Satan. The WINGED DEMON snatches the SINNER up and drops him in to the eye of a Volcsno, the Sinners clothing and hair ingnite from the heat and burst in to flames as he falls deep in to the flaming hot portal to hell, where he is greeted by Satan and his demons as he splashes down into a lake of fire and rimstone. Flashback to JESUS warning his DESCIPLES about the signs of the end of the world and the terrible things to come in the last days. The CLOUD OF DARKNESS shutters and begins to let off a faint glow as the center of the cloud clears and begins showing visions of the things to come as Jesus speaks of them. As Jesus foretells of Earthquakes and Wars VISIONS of those events that have occured in recent events are shown, such as people starving, viruses like AIDS that spread rapidly and kill many. These are setting the auience up for the horrific and terrifying events about to unfold in the movie. Then the story continues with two characters talkinng, RANDY and DAVID who are watching television, when suddenly a news broadcast of a great earthquake that has caused the death of thousands is announced. The television show that was just coming on resumes, which is a talk show about Satanism, and children killing their parents, and parents killing their children. Randy tells David that he believes the end of the world is coming soon just like the bible predicted, because people are getting just as bad as the bible warned they would be in the last days. From there the story goes on to scenes that will shake you to the core and familes are introduced with the everyday problems facing mpost families, such as a child on drugs, a horrible scene unfolds when a gang shooting takes place, there are so many characters introduced that this synopsis can't cover them all, but suffrice it to say what they all are leading up to is the hell and devistation that is coming in the final chapters.