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Ellary Eddy
HER ARGUMENT: epiphanies, theories, confessions
Ellary Eddy, author
This is not an average memoir. This is not a how-to book. This is a what-if book. A ‘what-if you could look at life as an intellectual-adventure’ book. In a vein at once playful, philosophical and lyrical, artist Ellary Eddy builds a provocative case for the value of self-inquiry, authenticity, and radical astonishment at the marvel of existence. Riffing in a non-linear style off her trajectory as a rambunctious, rebellious young woman growing through adulthood, the author explores the elusive nature of identity, the sources of personal strength, and alternative paths to self-realization. Eddy dives into a wide range of topics: Play and Freedom, Solitude and the Single Life, Art, Style, and Dogs; Dildos, Dating, and Motherhood; Aging like a Motherfucker and The Good Life. Her Argument coaxes you to throw off the shackles of everyday reality and, Tigger-like, bounce free, stripes rippling, into the frabjous wilderness of being."