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Her Southern Temptation
Part of the Legacy Falls Romance Project. A transplanted northerner, new to the south... Allie Magill is familiar with the hard knocks of life. The widowed mother of a four year old, Allie has landed in the South where the air is thick with humidity, the nights are hot, the men are honorable, but even hotter. But business as usual is stilted when she meets the new construction company owner, Jake Warren. Now it's all Allie can do to keep her hands to herself and not put her job, or heart, on the line. A southern man whose world is rocked by a northern beauty... Jake Warren knows little about things up north, but he does know Allie Magill is unexpected. The liaison for a hotel chain, Allie enters Jake's work life to make sure business goes as planned. But once he gets a taste of Allie, and takes a peek behind that closed-off northern exterior, all bets are off. He knows he has to make her see that life and love in the south flows differently and he hopes once Allie sees how sweet surrender can be, she won't be able to turn him down. Battling ghosts from her past, Allie will have to learn to accept Jake's way of life and win the heart of her southern temptation.
Pamela Matthew--Romance Junkies

Allie Magill has been through hell and back. She is bound and determined to make a new start for her and her daughter. Things are running smoothly with her new job, until one chance encounter with Jake Warren. The man oozes sex appeal, but Allie just isn't interested. One thing Allie is sticking to her guns on is that her relationship with Jake will remain strictly business.

Jake Warren knows instantly that he wants Allie. He's always been a love 'em and leave 'em type of guy, but around Allie he feels different. And wonder of wonders, Jake even adores her four year old daughter. Suddenly, he's imagining marriage and all kinds of things he never considered before, if only he can have Allie by his side. Could this be love?

Author Trish F. Leger is a gem! Honestly, I am so glad to have found her work. I haven't read a book by Ms. Leger that I didn't love. She has such a keen eye for detail. She puts such life into her characters and stories. They are real everyday people with relatable situations, which believe it or not, is sometimes hard to come by in the romance genre. I could go on and on about Ms. Leger. She really does possess a gift for writing.

Now on to her latest masterpiece, a novella in the LEGACY FALLS anthology, titled SOUTHERN TEMPTATION. WOW! What a read! It is rare that I become so engrossed in a novella and actually feel like the ending is satisfying. I instantly connected with the heroine, Allie. She really spoke to me for some reason. Her past and the pain she has endured are heart-breaking. How this woman manages to move past it and make a successful life for her and her young daughter is truly inspiring. She doesn't know just how much she needs a man like Jake Warren in her life. On to our sexy southerner Jake... I couldn't have asked for a better hero. His kindness, patience, strength and determination make him the perfect package. He is simply a woman's man. Allie is a tough nut to crack. Can he tame Allie's heart. Discover it all in SOUTHERN TEMPTATION.