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Promod Puri
Hinduism beyond rituals,customs and traditions
Promod Puri, author

Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

For most of us the tag of religion we belong to is given by our parents. And the specific rituals, customs and traditions we follow identify us belonging to a particular religion or faith. "HINDUISM beyond ritual, customs and traditions" is an attempt to traverse further and explore its richness in the areas of spiritual and philosophical thoughts, and to recognize the religion's rational, liberal, secular and diverse fundamentals. Hinduism is not merely a religion or as the cliché goes: a way of life. It is a multi-disciplinary academy as well. From rituals to murti-puja, mantra and metaphysics, karma and moksha, to meditation and yoga, and all its recreational aspects like music, dance and drama, Hinduism is a disciplinary as well as a comprehensive experience of spiritual development in liberal and progressive regime.
The Indian Trumpet, Dubai, UAE

Often, we’re not introduced to religion, rarely are we given a choice to pick one. Born in a Hindu family, you follow Hinduism, which as the debate goes is more than a religion; a way of life.

When you start reading the book, Hinduism: Beyond Rituals, Customs and Traditions by author (Editor-Journalist) Promod Puri you get thick deep into this debate. Yet, no thoughts are forced upon you.

The book is a rationale read. There are facts, anecdotes, theories and examples; each one to his/her. It talks of rituals, and how they provide an architecture to a religion but they’re not cure-all miracles. “Such customs generate fanaticism,” the author writes.

For most of us, the history of Hinduism is what we grew up listening to, observed people following. Here, you learn of the ages, civilizations and periods that led to its origin.

Why do we chant the word Om, why does it bring peace to our senses? Is Hari Om just a greeting, mere two-word mantra? As kids, many of us were asked to scribble the words Om on the first page of our books, or taught to hum the Gayatri Mantra on special days – it energized us, why and how?

We worship an idol, visit a temple, especially if celebrating a festival. In modern age, we are told to perform the Surya Namaskar every morning, and told Hollywood celebrities do so too!

A Ramayana is still part of trousseau in many homes, a Mahabharata (if not read) is watched by families, together – for many of us, it was once a Sunday ritual. What do scriptures teach us?

And there are the controversial topics of caste and the honour of women that appear in this book too. You may be dancing, singing or meditating – is that part of Hinduism too?

If you fret over Karma, and believe your strength lies in the ‘self’ then you will find the last leg of the book most interesting. Find your answers in this read”.

Purva Grover, Founder & Editor- The Indian Trumpet, Dubai, UAE


“It is a very concise book and every statement is like an aphorism that needs to be contemplated upon to appreciate its depth and width”.

This review is from: Hinduism: Kindle Edition

Promod Puri has presented fresh and new perspectives to an ageless philosophy and religion.The book presents the topic of Hinduism as an easy read for the first timer as well as provides new points to ponder for someone who is well versed with the topic of Hinduism! Though terse and journalistic, this philosophizing on the philosophy of Hinduism is a must read.

Dr. Sanjay Grover, Solan, India


“Very objective, fair, critical, yet respectful observation. Hinduism- “it stimulates and encourages debate, protest, amendments and even deletions of those doctrines or beliefs which are senseless, derogatory, and far from truth” is probably the definition of Hinduism that I could find. The challenge in my view is to create the will, the movement, and desire “to be change”. A welcome addition for creating, supporting, and facilitating debate on a topic that is indeed a ‘multidisciplinary academy’. Congratulations to Mr. Promod Puri ji”.

Jai Birdi,Canada


Most of us who grew up practicing Hinduism in our daily lives often understand the religion through rituals (poojas), mantras, stories (like the Ramayan) and a series of rules and obligations. We often wonder how we’d teach these customs to our kids in the age of social media, selfies and the internet.

Hinduism has a reputation for being vast, democratic and multi-faceted, and this book does an excellent job of boiling it down, helping the reader understand its philosophy, where it came from and why it relevant today, especially in this age of awareness.

The book explores the history and evolution of the religion and also importantly discusses who influenced the religion, both good and bad. Some philosophers encouraged scientific curiosity and rational thought, while others (for example) sought to divide its followers by advocating the caste system. It discusses science, karma and yoga, and helps shed light on how to apply its ancient wisdom today.

Ultimately the book is a detailed but concise overview of a very dense and complicated topic, and the reader is left encouraged to look deeper into the parts of Hinduism that interests them the most. It does require the reader to focus and pay attention, and a dictionary might be useful too. I found myself rewarded with a greater awareness of its relevance and a sense of how I might apply the thinking in my own life.

Naveen Gopal, Delta, Canada




BOOK LAUNCH: ( news courtesy The Link newspaper )
SURREY – The Global Hindu Foundation of Canada is organizing a book launch of a senior and renowned journalist Promod Puri’s “Hinduism” on April 24,2016 at 7399-122St,Strawberry Hill,Public Library in Surrey. The program will commence at 1.30 PM. Speakers from media, literary, social and religious circles will present an analytical review of the book.
It will be followed by the recitals of poems: Kavi-Darbar in which invited poets of Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu languages will take part. The Kavi Darbar has been sponsored by South Asian Literary Society of Canada, Hindi Literary Society and Writers International Network Canada. It is free and open to all. Because of the limitation of seats , please call to Acharya Dwivedi 604 507 3099