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Hogarth's Return
Hogarth's Return is the fourth book in a series called The Hogarth Saga. The series starts out with Hogarth's Reign of Terror, in which 12-year old Hogarth builds a guillotine and begins dispatching first the cats, the the dogs, and so on in his neighborhood. It continues with Hogarth's Trial, where Hogarth is put on trial for his crimes. In the third installment, Hogarth's Exile, Hogarth is sent away to a school for wayward boys, where he's psychoanalyzed by a benighted doctor and given electro-shock therapy by a brutish orderly. In Hogarth's Return, Hogarth is a trial lawyer in his late 20s living and working in Manhattan. The story takes place all on one Halloween, when Hogarth is receiving very threatening and very poorly written post-it notes throughout the day. The story climaxes at this Halloween party at a swanky restaurant across from Central Park. This is a darkly humorous tale, illustrated, and told in verse. At first glance it appears to be a children's book, and children have loved it, but it really isn't aimed at children.