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Homicide and Vine
Mindy Glazer, author
Zero Zip Productions was “The Home of Killer Comedy,” with multiple top-ten sitcoms that season. It was also home to the 67th worst show on television, “Something Fishy,” known to most of the industry as “Something Stinks,” where it's even money whether the cast and crew will survive. Literally. But Hollywood loves an underdog, so enter the new kid, who arrives with a maxed out Visa and dreams of glory, who never considered that 'next day on your dressing room they've hung a star' might mean with a noose. Watch the comic hijinks unfold as she tries to write comedy and live to tell the tale, avoiding the wrath of a fading star with serious mob ties; the lecherous eighteenth most powerful man in Hollywood (a.k.a., 'The Devil'), fires of suspicious origin, mudslides and a rattlesnake migration; her only allies, a morbidly obese cousin, and a llama with a mood disorder ... and, since Los Angeles is the land of the metaphysically self-centered, one angel, straight out of Central Casting.