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Hood Rich "In God We Trust"
Maxamillion, author
Hood Rich is a street-lit dramedy a delightful fusion of urban drama and comedy that is sure to have you crying one moment and laughing the next. Uniqua Williams dream of winning the lottery turns into her worse nightmare. Why? Because she discovers the hard way that money isn't everything when she is forced by fate to take the sheroes journey down the path of self- discovery. Uniqua against all odds realizes that for the love of money, friends can easily turn into frienemies. Elated with the good news of winning the lottery Uniqua telephones all three of her childhood friends to come celebrate with her. However, her dream fulfilled unexpectedly, becomes a dream deferred. When her back stabbing friend Keke Jackson drugs her drink and frames her for murder in order to steal her winning lottery ticket. Betrayal and redemption, Hood Rich weaves lies with trust, treachery with friendship, ultimately teaching Uniqua "What does a woman profit if she gains the world and loses her soul?" In God We Trust because you'll never know how far someone might go to become Hood Rich.