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Hopeless, Nevada
Halloween night, Flint and Abby, newlyweds, leave Reno, Nevada for a celebration of their marriage in Las Vegas. Driving, in the dark Nevada desert, they come upon a town called Hopeless, Nevada, which is nothing more than a four-way stop, an abandoned Cafe and gas station, and a flashing, yellow light hanging in the center of the intersection. As Abby checks the map but is unable to find the town of Hopeless, the decision is made to turn west, towards Las Vegas. After some time on the road they find themselves at a highway sign welcoming them to Hopeless, Nevada as well as the flashing, yellow light still hanging in the center of the four-way intersection. Only now, the streetlight outside the Hopeless Cafe is on. Pondering their decision, they turn back in the direction they originally had come from. Once again they arrive back in Hopeless, Nevada, the flashing yellow light, and the Cafe, which now appears to be bright, open, and ready to serve customers. As Flint and Abby make one more attempt to find a way out of Hopeless, Nevada, they discover the Cafe and gas station have come back to life. Cars are parked in the front lot of the Hopeless Cafe and the shadows of happy patrons dance and laugh inside. Against Abby's wishes, Flint wants to take a look inside... What will Flint find inside the Hopeless Cafe, and will Flint and Abby ever escape the town of Hopeless, Nevada?