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Hour of Shadow: Book 2 of New Dawn's Light
Jordan Frost, author

Hour of Shadow continues the epic journey of Jensen and Solana as they struggle to come to terms with their destinies. The search for the mythical Watcher's Nest, a rumored safe haven for mages, takes them across the face of the world, pushing their boundaries and forcing them to confront truths neither is prepared for.

The path to destiny often leads where we don’t want to go.

While searching for information on the mythical Watcher’s Nest with Solana, Jensen finds himself in the last place he wanted to see again. Everbay. Old truths return to haunt them both when they come face to face with Solana’s long-lost twin along with Midori's most notorious pirate captain. The four form an unlikely alliance and set forth in search of a place of rumors. What they discover along the way could change the world as they know it.

The future beckons, but how it plays out is far from certain. New trials lurk around every corner. Some threaten to divide the four companions, while others offer a boon during their darkest moments. Perhaps worst of all are the romantic feelings growing in each that could not have sparked at a more inopportune time. Hour of Shadow is the second book in the action-filled New Dawn’s Light series by Jordan Frost. Journey to a mythical land filled with the impossible and join Jensen and Solana as they race into tomorrow in search of the one thing that has always been right beside them from the beginning; each other.