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House of Transformation
Ananda Dawn is a bigger-than-life pop star, but the paparazzi won't leave her alone and she's tired of being on the Enquirer every month. Her addiction to a prescription pill is out of control and she's spiraling downward. After a mental breakdown, she goes back home to St. Paul, Minnesota, to visit an old friend, therapist Mag Woods, to ask for help. But Mag just published a scathing tell-all book about her time with Ananda. With help from a tech-savvy assistant, they attempt to repair their relationship and get Ananda clean before a contractually obligated Grammy performance. A dual storyline portrays the friendship seven years earlier, when they lived together at a place called the House of Transformation – a place of artistic ambition, love, and a terrible tragedy that still haunts them. With the clock ticking, will it be a break down, or a breakthrough?