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How to Appeal if Universal Credit is Refused by the Authority?
Mike Langer, author
People with low income or those who are unemployed often have various benefit packages which help them to stay solvent in life. One of the essential schemes which allow such people to receive a remuneration is the universal credit. Most people have no idea about universal credit how to appeal or what this is in general. So, first, we will check out what universal credit refers to and then move onto the appealing of this benefit portion.

Universal Credit in detail

This refers to a social security scheme in the UK which was introduced to the public in 2013. The primary idea was to replace six different benefits as well as tax credits. The replaceable plans were housing perk, jobseeker allowance, child as well as working tax credit, income support, etc.
It was introduced for making the British social security system fair and straightforward. This new plan was presented to all job centers across the United Kingdom gradually. It initially focused on the claimants who had least complicated circumstances most preferably single adults with zero housing cost.

Appealing process

Universal credit how to appeal is a lengthy process take a look! One needs to follow the process for appeal where a call must be made to the authority where he/she needs to request or ask mandatory reconsideration before appealing. Within a month of this decision of refusal of universal credit; a person should choose this option.
Now if a month is passed since the decision is made and the claimant received the decision letter, then he/she needs to make a call to the authorities for knowing details and before he/she can request reconsideration.
Note: Late requests are generally not permitted unless the person has a genuine reason for appealing after a month.

Mandatory reconsideration application

One requires writing to the authority and send it to the address which is present on a decision letter sent to him/her. This is the first step for mandatory reconsideration application. The individual in the letter has to state that why he/she feels that the decision which was taken by the authority was wrong.
To know about the decision whether it changed or not he/she will receive a notice which is also known as a written statement of reasons. In this letter, the authority mentions whether the decision is changed in favor of the of a claimant.
However, if authority’s decision remains unchanged, then one is within the right o appeal his/her case to Child Support tribunal or Social Security or both.

Filling up forms

First of all, one requires filling SSCS1 form. This form should be sent to address mention on it along with a notice for mandatory reconsideration. Also, one can simply send a letter to appeal.
An individual requires sending his/her appeal to this address present on the form within a month's time after receiving the decision. However, under certain circumstances, one can be given as long as 13 months’ time
. Here also, one needs to provide a reason as to why one thinks it is a wrong decision. If this doesn't work then, appealing to Upper Tribunal Administrative Appeals Chamber is the last resort.
So, know you know all about universal credit how to appeal!