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How to become an information security expert with CISSP certification.
Rob Davis, author

How to become an information security expert with CISSP certification.

Our vicinity has changed we aren’t surrounded by cattle, farms, and chickens anymore. Life aspects all around us have changed dramatically if it’s an agro-based industry or a dairy industry it has to confirm its digital presence to run the business smoothly in this ever-changing world. Our turf not only includes all our equipment and machinery in our arsenal but data & information also. Without data and information, we as a business or an individual are obsolete. With this ever-growing demand for more and quick data & information, we have shifted our minds and souls towards more comprehensive and holistic solutions.

There are roles and responsibilities sketched for newer jobs that are more information-oriented and demands our professional outlook towards every problem. You can dream to create any career path among these, but most importantly you need to prioritize why and how part. Why anyone would love to protect and safeguard people business.

And if you have an answer to that then how are you supposed to do it! This article revolves around matters which are the crux to information security. With more and more digital presence and reliance on technology, our life has become more fruitful and calm. But when anyone intrudes our ecosystem we get spooked and alarmed. Take for instance your home alarm system, don’t you think it runs on software after all. Think about major corporations how are shifting towards the cloud leaving the traditional way of storage. How secure they are when things are beyond their reach unlike before.

Here comes the role of an information security specialist who not only guards the organization but also keeps and Hawkeye vigilance to everyone who crosses paths with it. This career choice is very lucrative and has been trending for all its essentialities. Certainly, this career path has got all its levels or tier alike every other form of profession.

At an entry-level you land up as a system administrator job, running through security administrator to become a network administrator, this tier requires you to invest mostly 6 years of your time. Then you are validated to be an IT Project manager then a security manager and then a consultant and lastly you become a security Architect. Till now you are expected to design a security framework which isn’t an easy job. This middle-level tier expects your expertise to be profound and certifications that are a must-have to outgrow as a chief information officer a security officer or a security director. When you’ve reached here you’ll find that you have already invested a total of 15 years in the field of information security management. Now at an executive-level, you are expected to do pedagogy for entrant rookies, and support your senior-level band.

You will have to possess profound expertise and knowledge in SIEM, ability to perform and maneuver vulnerability & penetration test, with fluency in programing language like PHP, Java, C++, C# a C like a linguist. As a specialist or an expert, we ought to be dire confident in threat modeling, coding and ethical hacking, the knowledge of Load Balancer, Proxy Server and Packet Shaper are mere requirements to be the best and called as a security expert. But without expanding and mending your knowledge and getting certified by ENSA, CCNA- routing and switching, CISM, CISSP, and CompTIA’s serve as popular base-level security certifications with MBA as a must-have.

To be a CISO you will have to align with these career projections
Start with the role of a programmer or an analyst
Groom and get some official education to become a security analyst
Get more and more training especially more on CISSP certification meanwhile overseeing a security team. Get an MBA or PGDM degree with IT Security as your specialty from tier-one College

Then you are reckoned and promoted as a CISO.

Just remember these jobs will eke you $150000 a month but most of your time will involve conducting tests & assessments of new security software. And you will be looked forward to leading to select and install the right one in your organization. How well do you manage your budget is also incremental. As a CISO you will be handling and overseeing 30 IT professionals underneath but when it comes to choosing who fits in the security pyramid is another headache. With more and more information orientation in business has created 12 to 15 % of job growth every year.