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How to Recover From an Open Lacerated Injury and What to Look Out For
An open lacerate or gash that has been suffered due to acute injury can be rather painful and uncomfortable, also hindering you in your day-to-day activities. But with the right kind of care and attention, they will heal nicely without any complications. This is why it is important for you to ensure that the laceration that you have suffered is looked after well and allowed to heal nicely. Here are some tips to help you take care of yourself and recover properly.

Keep the Area Well Cleaned and Follow Instructions

The injured area will need to be dressed at all times in a suitable dressing like pico . You will need to follow the instructions that have been given to you, to the letter, if you wish to have no complications. If you are asked to wash the area and dress it daily do so, if you are asked to keep it entirely dry and then go to a medical professional for it to be dressed, do that as well. Do not let any dirt, dust or any animal dander get into the open area especially if you have pets at home. Make sure that you wear the right footwear if the laceration is on your feet and that nothing gets inside. Cleanliness is the best possible way to let your injury heal without complications.

Take Your Medication

If the laceration is one that is deep and wide or if the doctor feels that it could be at possible risk of infection you will be prescribed antibiotics. Make sure that you drink the whole allocation of medicines even if the laceration itself has healed. Stopping the course halfway through might give rise to complications such as infection and a more virulent strain of bacteria that will not answer to antibiotics.

Look Out For These Symptoms

When your injury is going through stages of healing, it is normal to feel certain aches and pains on and off. But there are symptoms to watch out for as well. If the pain increases or does not go away in a couple of days, or if there is redness around the area, swelling, a discharge of liquid, bad odor or red streaks spreading outward, you need to get to a doctor right away. If you experience issues such as shortness of breath, high fever and anything out of the norm do not wait and get to the emergency ward right away to see if you have come down with an infection.

What Is Normal?

What is normal after treating an injury, for example, say cleaning out an abscess?There will be a little bit of pain, a slight amount of swelling that goes away after about a day or two and maybe a feeling of being ill for the first day after treatment. If any of these symptoms continue for a few days without a sign of subsiding, you will need to go in for a check-up with your medical advisor.