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Brooke Benoit
Author, Editor (anthology)
How to Survive Homeschooling - A Self-Care Guide for Moms Who Lovingly Do Way Too Much
Brooke Benoit, who homeschooled herself and then her own children, has revealed the secrets and best practices to avoid burnout, live wholly and have a well-rounded approach to being a homeschooling mom. The book is broken into three main sections. “Part One: Your Surviving And Thriving Guide” is a collection of prompts to aid in identifying problem areas in your personal life and improving the homeschool-life balance of moms. “Part Two: My Mostly Abridged Homeschooling Memoir” gives a peek into how and all that Benoit has survived (and even thrived through!) as a homeschooling mom. “Part Three: The Practical Tactical” is a look into how she deals with some of the toughest issues homeschoolers regularly face and encourages fellow homeschoolers to recognize how a their lifestyle is different and to live it unapologetically.