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How to win Buy box on Amazon
olivia smith, author
Amazon, being one of the most influential e-commerce platforms offers numerous benefits to its sellers. But, there are a number of sellers who sell almost same products as you sell, thus making it difficult for your product to target its audience. To stand out, the sellers should provide the best amazon enhanced brand content and product description page to engage the users when they arrive on their page and target to win the Buy Box, which has a direct impact on sales conversions. Most of the users on Amazon buy the products through Amazon Buy Box section, which can be seen on the right side of the product’s description page. The seller who wins the Buy Box obviously makes a lot more sales than the ones who don’t have Buy Box. When any user proceeds towards this section, Amazon automatically shows the seller who has the highest ranking in that product criteria. To win this coveted spot, on Amazon, the sellers must meet the requirements below. The first eligibility criteria for any seller to win the Buy box is to have a professional Seller account for which Amazon charges a nominal fee per month and has several other benefits. Sellers with high performance graph have higher chances of winning the buy box. Seller’s performance is based on a lot of factors and not just the number of sales. It depends upon the number of product ratings, positive customer reviews, on-time and quick delivery, number of order returns due to defects, item availability, customer response time, order cancellation and refund rate etc. It’s important for the sellers to have adequate inventory to compete in winning the Buy box. Amazon favors the sellers who have available stock of the products with them. Must be selling brand new items and not refurbished/ renewed or used products. The seller’s experience in terms of months or years also impacts whether he is eligible for competing to win the Buy Box or not. It’s challenging to for new sellers to win the buy box without getting the in-time Amazon product launch services and Amazon PPC Management from an experienced consultancy.