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How to Win Him and Keep Him Happy: Secrets to Becoming an AMAZING Wife
Niki Winston, author

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

How to Win Him and Keep Him Happy delivers easy answers to some of marriage’s most difficult problems, and provides simple solutions for sustainable personal growth. Both married and single women alike will find answers to questions such as: What are the keys to high and healthy self-esteem? How do I truly forgive? How can I be sure my motives are pure? What does it mean to be selfless? How do I walk in the covering love? How can I have a happy marriage? What do men really want? In this easy how-to book, Niki provides the answers to all of these questions, and the principles for overall freedom in marriage! You will learn how to be a blessing to your husband’s heart, and make it so that he can’t wait to get home to you at the end of the day. She teaches how to serve without agendas or attitudes, tips on being more “attractive,” and tried and true methods for a happy, healthy marriage. A marriage that leaves your husband adoring you, praising you, and in awe that he got to marry the woman who is still, and will always be, the woman of his dreams: You! - See more at: