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How You Live 1 Day After Forever
This is the first book in a series of books telling of the secrets of immortality. Immortally or living forever in the body you were born with has been one of the best kept secrets for hundreds of years. This first book of a series deals with how living forever is physically possible. It explains the how and why the body functions and what it needs to renew itself indefinitely. It explains “The Immortal Diet” requirements to get healthy, stay healthy, and live forever. A diet that is easy to follow, inexpensive, safe, without side-effects, slimming, and environmentally conscious. All ages can thrive on this diet. The author reveals the answers to many questions about what the human body needs to perform disease free and how to keep it running like a fine tuned engine. If you would like to know what it takes to have long lasting good health, to make the necessary changes, and to take back your power to control your health, then this book is for you.