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Adult; Art & Photography; (Market)

The book, Humdinger, is a compelling visual and emotional journey through the life and work of the extraordinary artist, Michael Malpass, as he made his way from the burgeoning art scene in New York City to becoming a “house sculptor” along the water in New Jersey. This book takes us beyond his astonishing body of work to the man behind the artist, and in doing so invites the reader to experience a truly unique level of understanding and appreciation.

This is more than just a book: it is a journey that is meant to appeal to anyone. For the art aficionados, it takes them into the mind of an artist to explore the inner workings of a genius mind, displays pages of photos of beautiful sculpture and other art forms, and gives insight into the technique behind the art. For those more interested in the story of a man who left this world much too young, they will be taken on a journey filled with emotion, struggle, history, love, and beauty. Truly a book for all.