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Hungary For Adventure
Divorced, and finding life rather dull, Tiffany decides to make a move. One that will take her to Hungary with a man she has only recently met on an internet dating site. The rest of the family think she's lost the plot. Who leaves their cosy life in a leafy Dorset village to venture out over the border on into unknown territory? Eva certainly wouldn't, and neither would the rest of the family. Head of which, is the mother. Since the (not considered very tragic), death of her husband, she's taken up oil painting and is now carving quite a respected niche for herself in the art-world at large. Eva lives in the same town as the mother, whilst the others, Sherri, Tamara and Sebastian, have relocated to other counties, still quite near, yet reassuringly, far away. Does this Klaus fellow that Tiffs has run off with turn out to be a thoroughly decent chap, or will family need to cobble together a rescue mission? Who will be around the table on Christmas day, and who might be in accident and emergency? Can a cat be genuinely evil? Are comedy socks really that funny? What happened between Harvey, Nelson, and the angel? What shocking revelation precedes a big hush, hush, undercover mission and who are the family members that find themselves exposed in the national press? In a family with a penchant for the extreme, there's always going to be an element of farce. Join this very funny romp through a year in the life of the Pettigrews, and those unfortunate enough to be in their radar.

I was recommended this book by my sister and I have to say it was a really funny and enjoyable read. The characters and situations are recongnisable to most families and deliver some really laugh out load moments. I would definitely recommend this book others.


Great weekend or holiday read. Clever funny and as they say, a real page turner. Easy reading and cleverly written. I enjoyed the characters, they make this book stand out. Will keep an eye out for future books from LTW Lucas. Great first!