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Hungry for Touch
When her childhood sexual trauma is triggered, Laureen Peltier finds she can no longer avoid the haunting memories of her father molesting her. By chance, during a crisis, she meets the doctor fated to change her life. She grants Dr. Erickson, a male psychiatrist, one year to help her heal from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. His unconventional therapies pressure Laureen into fighting, sometimes physically, her lifelong fears and traumas in order to integrate the scared little girl of her past with the now grown woman who hungers for meaningful relationships, love, intimacy and sex.

Excellent writing surrounds this book about a 37-year old young woman who is experiencing PTSD resulting from the sexual abuse of her father. As you read the story, you discover that she and her four sisters were continually molested throughout their young lives. The author's skill in involving you in the story is evident from the first chapter.

Laureen Peltier is a successful manager who experiences sexual advances from a male superior resulting in a breakdown that has her seeking psychotherapy to reconcile her partial memories of her trauma with the past. The book shows her determination to understand what happened in the past that is preventing her from being touched in the present.

The book is a successful blending of therapy sessions coupled with glimpses of her childhood. The author does an outstanding job of balancing her traumatic childhood events and subsequent therapy with the everyday family and childhood interactions of a large family.

Although the subject matter is disturbing, the book gives hope and inspiration to all survivors of sexual abuse. It is well worth reading.


In her mid-thirties, Laureen Peltier, a successful woman with a high-powered job, suffers a breakdown after being fondled by a male superior. The extreme nature of her reaction to this compels and propels her on a journey through violent, repeated, ongoing, childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her twisted, deviant father, who molested not only her, but all of his daughters. Ms. Peltier develops and suffers from severe, complex PTSD as a result.

Determined to set herself free from memories that she has tried to forget but can't, and determined to see and re-experience every episode in complete detail, Ms Peltier gives herself one year of integrated multi-modal, intense psychotherapy to find her way out of her prison. Engaging in modalities like Voice Dialogue (talking to shadow selves), EMDR, probably holotropic breathing, and I believe therapeutic bodywork outside of her therapy sessions, Ms Peltier recovers her "self" and makes substantial, positive, changes in her life. This is a brief summary of an extremely detailed work.

Graphic and sometimes disturbing in the frank descriptions, this is an important book for survivors of abuse looking for hope and the general public, looking for insight into this rampant societal scourge. For those who suffer from PTSD, especially related to sexual abuse, as the author notes, the book should be read with caution as it could definitely trigger an episode.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley.


This is courageous true story of abuse, treatment and forgiveness by Laureen Peltier. Parts of the story are hard to get through but it is worth it. I have great admiration for the Author after reading about her story.