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I Am Avhor
A fast-paced adventure with themes of love of family, heroism and justice. On a distant Earth-like planet called Vacaron, a nation is ruled by a paranoid, tyrannical King. Though a technically advanced society, the Vacarons remain a male based culture and cling to the old ways. But when Urvak and Racara, twins enjoying a carefree life in the countryside, find themselves suddenly the subject of the King's paranoia, they are forced to fight for each other's freedom. Follow these young Vacarons as they ally with rebellious forces and aliens from Earth to protect themselves against the King's rage and set all countrymen on a new path.
Kirkus Reviews

As paranoid King Harad of the planet Vacaron moves to eliminate a long-lost prince who threatens his reign, complications arise from a group of Earth explorers that the monarch holds hostage...       Ditchek's debut novel isn't the first sci-fi work to offer a first-contact narrative distinctly from the point of view of aliens. But the author brings off the switcheroo with solid storytelling sense and pacing...A somewhat restrained but sturdy take; deep space Game of Thrones lite.