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Claire Holland
Author, Illustrator
I Am Not Your Final Girl: Poems

Adult; Poetry; (Market)

From Claire C. Holland, a timely collection of poetry that follows the final girl of slasher cinema - the girl who survives until the end - on a journey of retribution and reclamation. From the white picket fences of 1970s Haddonfield to the apocalyptic end of the world, Holland confronts the role of women in relation to subjects including feminism, sexuality, violence, and healing in the world of Trump and the MeToo movement. Each poem centers on a fictional character from horror cinema, and explores the many ways in which women find empowerment through their own perceived monstrousness.
Horror Geek Life

"[O]ver the course of 40 poems, Holland’s words offer glimpses of situations far and wide, sure to connect with every woman everywhere, and in turn, provide reassurance that 'something can be vulnerable and powerful at once'... and inspiration to stand their ground, speak their truth, and fight a fight worth fighting."

Horror Movie Podcast

"I think for any horror fan… this is a really exciting collection." “You’re getting this whole breadth of the female horror experience.”

La Femme Macabre

"The book is just under 100 pages of thoughtful, powerful, and poignant poetry inspired by all of our favorite final girls created with perfect timing given our current political climate.... This has to be one of the most clever books I've picked up this year so far."