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I Can't Believe I Lived The Whole Thing
Howie Cohen , author
It was the golden age of advertising and Howie Cohen’s Alka Seltzer commercials had the whole world saying, “I can't believe I ate the whole thing” and “Try it, you'll like it.” In this fun, fast-paced and often hilarious memoir, Howie gives us a front row seat to those amazing revolutionary times: How pot and the pill opened the doors (and everything else) to sexual and creative freedom; the creative takeover by mensch-y Jewish copywriters and macho Italian art directors; the disruption of ad campaigns like “the dumb shoe” and “the exploding clown”; the madness of Hollywood movie moguls; the sacrifices, the struggles, the wins and the losses. “I can’t believe I lived the whole thing” chronicles Howie’s personal journey from The Bronx to the Clio Hall of Fame during a time that changed the look and the language of American pop culture.