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I'm Already Disturbed Please Come In

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

Acclaimed poet, Gabrielle Glancy, has emerged at last, with a strikingly original memoir, among the best works of prose I’ve read in years. It’s a harrowing (and sometimes hilarious) tale of her descent into and eventual emergence from the alien and alienated worlds of illness and contemporary health care. It’s also a subtly brilliant meditation on the social – or asocial – world of medicine’s strange but very relevant intersection with the infectious world of social media (Facebook in particular). No one yet has explored this territory so carefully or so well. Glancy is the Sebald of the virtual world (though her prose is more intimate, fresh, and witty). Her sentences again and again stopped me in my tracks. This book is more than worth the wait. It’s a wonder. Robert Marshall, Author of A Separate Reality