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I'm Not Crazy Just Bipolar
Publisher's Weekly

"Williamson describes a life spent battling addiction and bipolar disorder. Undiagnosed well into her early 20s, the author's condition lead to manic episodes in college involving alcohol abuse, drug binges, risky choices, and extremely unsafe behavior. Additionally, Williamson battled depression and, during her 30s, was hospitalized, attempted suicide several times, and struggled with her weight. Now that she is stable, Williamson presents her memoir as a guide for people affected by bipolar disorder—those who suffer from the condition as well as their family, friends, and acquaintances. Williamson's prose is direct and thankfully not given to flowery language or circumspectness about her condition. The book is straightforward and the author achieves something difficult in a memoir: she remembers feelings from a period of her life, while still providing distance and perspective. Williamson's analysis of the mental health field and mental health professionals is insightful without being preachy, and she presents her story with grace and humor."

-Publisher's Weekly