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Iconic Book Worlds – Fantasy vs Reality
Vesiko, author
One of the greatest things about reading is that you can be transported to an entirely new world. The joy of reading is that your imagination can create these worlds for you with some brilliantly strung together words. Whilst some of these places will only ever exist in our minds, others have been brought to life on screens or through theme parks. Other places, however, really do exist in real life, or at least the places that inspired these fictional worlds do exist. Here are just a few of the most iconic book worlds ever created: Middle Earth Middle-Earth is arguably at the top of many lists. Through the incredibly detailed descriptions written by J.R.R. Tolkien, a vast fantasy world has been created that is loved by so many. Middle Earth remains a great inspiration to many fiction authors and has been turned into the hugely popular film trilogy, as well as the inspiration for plenty of other books and games alike. If you want to visit Middle-Earth as you have seen it on screen through the eyes of Peter Jackson, then you will want to book yourself a trip to New Zealand, where you will find many of the stunning places the movies were filmed, though with so many iconic locations, you will probably have some trouble deciding where to visit first! Hogwarts The Hogwarts universe has been hugely popular throughout many generations, and with so many books in the series, all being made into films, Rowling’s world of wizardry has been brought to life in all kinds of ways. You can easily enter the wizarding world through the locations the movies were filmed, or by visiting one of the many tourist theme locations such as Universal’s Orlando, Florida resort or London’s Warner Bro Studios. Hugely popular in pop-culture, Harry Potter’s world has been brought to life in all kinds of ways, so we can all enjoy drinking our own Butterbeer, or visit platform 9 and ¾ – yes, it really does exist at London’s Kings Cross station. Wonderland Lewis Carrol’s Wonderland is another world which has inspired all kinds of media, with adaptations being made in their hundreds. It is easy to see why, with so many wonderful things in Alice’s Wonderland, from the talking flowers to the cups of tea, many of us are wishing to fall down our very own rabbit holes. Whilst it is purely fantastical, there are plenty of ways we can all enjoy the world in real life. You can easily find Alice in Wonderland themed cafes, restaurants, bars, parks, and even play-areas, all across the world. If you want to get creative, there are tons of fabulous DIY’s so you can have your very own Mad Hatter’s tea party, and even throw a themed costume party. These are tons more iconic worlds that books and their authors have created for us, all to be discovered through the pages of novels, and through our own imaginations. Whilst going on adventures to stunning scenic locations or fun-filled theme parks is a great way to explore these fictional worlds yourself, you can also enjoy the worlds through home comforts. There are plenty of fabulous companies out there, such as Frostbeard Studio, who have created themed-candles so that you can bring these book-inspired scents into your own home, transporting yourself into iconic worlds through wonderful smells. So, perhaps next time you pick up Harry Potter, you may want to enjoy reading it whilst you sip your very own Butterbeer or read Tolkien’s The Hobbit as the smell of your Halfling Hills candle fills the room with notes of clover, moss and, of course, pipe tobacco. What are some of your favorite fictional worlds and which ones would you live to visit the most?