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Ideology versus Science: Climate Change Denial
Climate change is a daunting prospect for the earth and many people would like to avoid thinking about its consequences. Wouldn't it be great if someone had a way to avoid worrying about climate science? Well, someone has. Denial ideology is a set of beliefs about climate science that denies the principal findings. Using canards such as "the globe is cooling" and "climate change is entirely natural" enables denial ideologues to argue against acceptance of the findings of climate science. These canards are set beliefs based on ideology, not science. Organizations such as the Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, the Cornwall Alliance and Heartland Institute promote these beliefs. Denial ideology infuses political judgments and enables politicians to avoid or delay unpleasant decisions. Business leaders recognize the repercussions of climate change and promote changes in energy infrastructure that can alleviate some the consequences, but their leadership does not transfer to the political world. Armed with information about denial ideology, the reader can refute many of the canards employed by denial ideologues. Understanding the information in this book can make a contribution towards a greater acceptance of climate science.