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E.B. Mendel, author
IF FROGS COULD FLY combines mainstream, satire, magical realism, surrealism, the metaphysical, parody, comedy and tragedy. In Part 1, Rabbi Mandelson meets Ron Levine, a freelance journalist, at a mall in Miami Beach, during a hurricane. The rabbi invites the writer to go on an expedition to the rainforest of Peru, where they search for a 'lost tribe of Israel'. The biblical expert on the team, Rabbi Karpadah, foolishly kisses a tree frog in the jungle, which results in him contracting the Human Amphibian Virus. A shaman and a doctor of infectious disease try to remedy the situation, but to no avail. The bizarre virus spreads all over the world. All is not tragic in Part 1 though, because the biblical expert and the beautiful Dr. McKermy fall in love. In Part 2, two years later, the freelance journalist and his wife are back home in Miami Beach. On Thanksgiving day they fly to Albany, N.Y., where they start a short vacation with another couple, their best friends the Applebaums. They visit Saratoga Springs and Woodstock, NY. While there, the couples stay at hotels where they enjoy gourmet dining, treatments at the spa, yoga, whirling dervishes, gambling, a wild game of strip poker, crazy dreams with a high priestess, high priest, tree nymphs, real live Dead Heads, witches, musical turtles, phantom horsemen, a haunted house, talking beavers, and astral travel through the Adirondack Mountains. In the end, an emotional reunion takes place between Mr. Levine and Rabbi Mandelson.