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Ana Costa Alongi
Author, Translator, Service Provider
Immortal Soul
Is there a secret so powerful that, if it were revealed, could change everything we know about the universe? Marcus Grimaldi is studying with his friends, Sabrina and Ryo, when he stumbles upon a top secret document belonging to Ryo's father, a government scientist. It's a strange sketch that awakens their curiosity to a point where they can't think of anything else. Thus begins an obsessive investigation in which three friends discover a monumental secret that has been closely guarded for over half a century, which results in three government agencies relentlessly pursuing Marcus. Responding to little more than a primitive instinct for survival at any cost, Marcus embarks on a frantic race that sinks further into despair and uncertainty. Mortal Flesh, The Last Hero of Pompeii, was a book that made A. Costa Alongi an award-winning author. In this new work, Marcus returns to challenge readers with a witty and fast-paced plot that offers surprises at every turn of the page. Immortal Soul is what fans have been waiting for: their next thrilling book. Alma Inmortal, the Spanish edition of this book, has been awarded the following prizes: Gold Medal, Fantasy / Historical Setting, Global Ebook Awards. Gold Medal, Fantasy / Contemporary, Global Ebook Awards