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Colin Guest
Impending Disaster
Colin Guest, author
Three friends had been out enjoying a sightseeing plane trip. They were happy and carefree as they were about to pass over the mountain above their town nestling down in the valley. A gently bubbling creek ran through the centre of it. On each side of its banks were a variety of timber built summer homes and cabins. It looked and was a peaceful town of around 350 inhabitants. As they woke that morning, no one knew that high above them a terrifying plane crash would result in most of them able to live and enjoy another day. As the plane past through some light hazy clouds, disaster in the form of a flock of geese brought the three friends light banter to an abrupt end. The cockpit screen was instantly transformed into a mass of blood and feathers. With the engine blocked and the wings damaged, Ian, the pilot could do nothing as the plane plunged down towards the forested pine mountaintop. Through the badly damaged screen, Ian saw they were heading straight at the towns communication tower. Although they missed it, a wing was ripped off as it hit one the trees. After coming to a rest, Ian and Mark who sat next to him climbed out of the plane, which then burst into flames. They found Jane who had been sat behind them, lying draped on top of some bushes. Fortunately, none of them was seriously injured. While making their way down the mountain, a bear paid them a visit during the night. This, however, was nothing to what would happen the next day. On finding a huge lake where there should have been a much smaller one, they realised that if it burst through a dammed section, a tidal wave of water would descend on the town below.As Ian was the fittest of them, he sets off down to warn the town. On the way, he is fortunate in coming across Stan, camped on the side of the trail. On hearing about the danger from the lake, Stan lets Ian use his quad bike to get down ASAP. On his arrival in town, Ian informs John the towns deputy sheriff of the threat.He notifies Bert, the sheriff then sounds the alarm siren. Once activated, he drives off to warn everyone to get up to high ground. Most people had heeded the alarm call and were clear when a terrible roaring sound was heard, the dam had broke. Although some people perished, thanks to Ian’s warning, most were saved.