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In Don's Montana Kitchen: Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Gourmet Cooking from the Edge of the Wilderness
Don Doig, author
This book presents innovative approaches to gluten-free and dairy-free gourmet cooking. If food and cooking have long been important in your life, it can be a daunting task to cook tasty, interesting food when you can no longer eat many of the mainstays of modern or classic French cooking, which involve gluten and dairy. It was for me. The trick has been to come up with gluten-free, dairy-free food which is also interesting and delicious. Many of the recipes also incorporate oriental influences, especially Chinese regional, Thai, and Indian. Much of this cookbook was developed using wild game. If game is not available, where the recipes call for game, you can use these recipes for grass-fed beef or lamb. Many of these recipes revolve around sauces, whether incorporated into the dish as it cooks, or as a stand-alone sauce added to meats once they are cooked. This makes it easy to substitute different meats.
Outdoorsman and former chef Doig didn’t let his gluten and dairy sensitivities get in the way of enjoying a varied diet, as evidenced in this unique collection of recipes for hunters and fishermen with dietary restrictions. Realizing that coconut oil could work as a stand-in for butter was a “major breakthrough” for him, and he uses it to prepare everything from an End of Winter Curry, made with potatoes and carrots, to gingered trout filets with cashews, with flavors that complement the specific coconut essence, to riffs that stretch its versatility, such as venison heart pate, braised mushrooms, coconut huckleberry hollandaise sauce, and rosemary honey chicken (which might raise more eyebrows than forks). Those who can’t get enough coconut will find plenty more applications for the ingredient, as will readers with easy access to wild fish and fresh game. Grouse, venison, and duck make up the bulk of the meat dishes, but readers with extra porcupine, raccoon, squirrel, or woodchuck meat in the fridge will appreciate the inclusion of Doig’s Backwoods Critter Ragout. This is a sound cookbook, though for a specific audience. (BookLife)

In Don’s Montana Kitchen

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Gourmet Cooking

 From the Edge of the Wilderness

By Don Doig

ISBN 978-1-4834-8489-1 (SC)

ISBN 978-1-4834-8488-4 (ebook)

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The number of people this may interest is huge, easily half the population.  Some estimates are that 40% (or more) of the population should avoid wheat because it is harming their health.  Milk protein allergies and lactose intolerance affect millions more.  Besides people with medical issues, the market for this book includes millions of hunters, fishers, foragers, tourists, chefs, and gourmet cooks in general.

Don Doig is a Montana native originally from Bozeman.  He has a background in medical research.  He has worked as head chef in several gourmet restaurants in Missoula, Hamilton, Ennis and Bozeman, Montana.  He has also been a writer and editor.  He currently lives in White Sulphur Springs, Montana.