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In Exchange for Jackie
Jackie has the perfect life. A loving husband, two successful boys, and a beautiful stately home. With her calm expressions and soft voice, she gives into the indulgences of her husband Mitch, and for a long time, they are very happy. Meanwhile James has had a hard life, never knowing where his next meal will come from or his next job. His short tempered flares keep him from having anything worth of value for too long. But all of that is about to change. After spending nights watching home after home, James comes across what he believes is the perfect plan. An abduction. What's the worst that can happen? Jackie does what she can to stay alive, using skills she never had to rely on, doing things she never thought of. When she is confronted with the worst of her fears, her husband doesn't want to pay the ransom, she does the unthinkable. James didn't have enough to take care of himself, let alone a woman he had no intentions of keeping, what will he do now that he cant let her go? Unexpected alliances are made, betrayals of epic proportions are discovered and when the dust settles, will Jackie survive the onslaught of James with his explosive temper or will she be able to turn the beast of a man into a beauty she would want to keep for herself?