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In Fashion's Web
After a lifetime of hard work and personal sacrifice, Tracey's fashion design business is finally taking off. No longer a boutique designer, Tracey's success is taking her to exotic places like Paris, Milan and Tokyo to build her brand. As the company grows, however, employees and bitter rivals Kara and Allison vie for power. But things aren't always what they seem in business or in love. When Tracey gets caught in the middle of a struggle between her lover and a New York City crime boss, Kara and Allison are forced to work together. Can they put aside their differences to save the company from ruin?

“You can tell a good book when all of your senses are activated. Excitement, sorrow, anger, funny, shocking, satisfying, amazing and empathy are only some of the feelings you will experience. A well written book.” (5 stars)

“This book was fun to read. There was no dead space, the action kept moving from beginning to end. … Some things I was especially grateful for: no loose ends left hanging, and women strong enough to move beyond toxic romances.” (5 stars)

“Lynn's book kept me engaged all the way through, and I found myself reading the last half in one day!” (5 stars)

“Well written, engaging and entertaining all the way through. This page turner will have you reading into the night as the story continues to unfold--be prepared to be surprised.” (5 stars)


It took me two (2) nights but I'm done reading 'In Fashion's Web'. Whew! I didn't know you had it in you Aunt Lynn. Drama from beginning to end. Addiction, murder, deceit, betrayal, love (of course), jealousy, what a roller coaster. A terrific read, in depth characters and great storyline. I will be reading again when I take vacation. Please do a follow up with Kara and Allison, and let us know where they went from there. Even if only guest spots in another book. LOVED IT!!!


It was the first novel I had read for a long time, mainly due to starting a few and losing interest by the end of the first chapter! That never happened with this book, as a few scenarios were created - would anyone ever discover the body, what would become of Kara, future ramifications for Tracey etc.Plus Lynn has been a pen/cyber friend for years. I read a chapter a night, although I was often tempted to read more, and when I was halfway through I read the last half in one night!

In Fashion's Web Named a Runner Up in Self-Published Book Contest

Congratulations! Your book is a runner up in the 2016 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition.  --Margaret Brown, founder/publisher, Shelf Unbound