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Indian Spirits

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Someone is murdering children in the sleepy town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the police and the FBI are having no luck finding the killer. So now Jack Whitstone is on the case. Jack is hearing voices and suffering from all sorts of hallucinations and delusions, and he is homeless and living in a tunnel under a highway bridge, but he's game for finding the killer before he strikes again. All the cops know is that the killer is able to slip into children's homes and kill them while their parents are just a room away, like some kind of ghost. Is this killer a man, or a Zuni Indian spirit on the loose? Aided by a hallucination or spirit (he can't tell which it is) that seems uncannily prescient, Jack chases down suspects and gathers clues and slowly tightens the noose around the murderer's throat. Eventually Jack tracks the killer to his next victim's house, where the final confrontation will take place. Is he ready to take on the Indian Spirit, or is it curtains for Jack Whitstone?