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Industrial Biotechnology
The past century saw a rapid growth in the field of specialized agriculture based on machines, chemical technologies, and plant breeding. Sustainable agriculture has become one of the most sought-after means to attain development. Many traditional farming practices have embraced genetic modification. Biotech Laboratories from across India are working on innovative and sustainable agriculture solutions. Historical records suggest that ancient Egyptians are probably the first people to practice things similar to modern biotechnology. But the real boom in the industry came in the past century. The altered versions of several crops have an immense impact on today’s food industry. Many companies throughout India, as well as several Biotech companies in Cochin have been in ongoing research on developing sustainable crop varieties employing most modern techniques of Biotechnology. The list of Biotech Kerala companies is not that vast. But almost all the existing companies provide research facilities for deep scientific research in sustainable agriculture rooted on biotechnology systems.