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Inferno of the Undead
What would you do if your parents were stranded in the zombie apocalypse half a continent away? For sixteen-year-old Charlie and his younger brother Jack, the answer is a road trip like no other. In search of their parents, they scale the continental summit and then descend into the scorching desert canyons of the southwest. Along the way, they battle zombie Elvis, the air force, and a psychotic dry cleaner lurking among the zombie hordes. Inferno of the Undead is an epic tale of two brothers’ plunge into the fiery twisted heart of the apocalypse.
Kathy Rygg, author of The Crystal Cache

This third installment of the Zombies in Paradise series is every bit as exciting as the first two! Hansen's style makes for a fast-paced adventure that keeps the reader on their toes. The alternating view points allows us to get to know the brothers on a deeper level, and of course the humor sprinkled throughout is a good balance with the action. Perfect for the middle grade and young adult audience!