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Inside Moves: A Wainwright Mystery (Book #2)
Imagine you wake from a coma with no memories. Desperate to find your identity, your only clues are the strange clothes worn on hospital admission and what is in your wallet. That happened to Garth Wainwright. Searching reveals he has a wife snatched a month earlier from the car crash that put him in the hospital. He learns she is a hostage of crime boss. Wainwright must find his past and that of the stranger he calls wife to rescue her from the gang holding her hostage. Risking his life for a stranger? Would you?
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No One is Untouched

This review was first published on Kurt's Frontier. This book was provide for free to the reviewer in exchange for an honest review Synopsis: Garth has married Lacey, and the two are enjoying a blissful honeymoon in Austria. However, shadows of the Assassin who killed Garth’s friends in Tipping point still haunt him. He spots Ariel and his former girlfriend by chance in Austria. Then they must return to California for his brother’s unexpected funeral. But someone is waiting for them. After being forced off the road, Lacey is kidnapped. Garth is left for dead,but has suffered severe injuries that have left him without any memory of who he is. Garth pieces his life back together. He becomes aware that he has a wife, and she is missing. He takes up the search of a wife he can’t remember. He discovers disturbing things about her past that shakes his faith in a relationship. He makes plans to save her and finds himself allied with his enemy, the assassin. Meanwhile, Lacey Ann Kinkaid Wainwrigth is being held by a Marcos Muragh. Lacey sent him up the river years ago. Lacey must come to terms with her past if she is to ever see Garth again. Review: Inside Moves picks up where Tipping Point left off. The story starts with Bobby Wainwright’s death. Garth and Lacey are returning from the funeral when they are run off the road. This sets of a chain of events that finds Lacey in the hands of Marcos Muragh’s gang and Garth trying to recover his memories. Then the story flashes back to the honeymoon in Austria. The choice of using a flashback is almost always questionable. I felt this slowed the forward progression of the story. It would have been better if the story started in Austria, or the trip to Austria was alluded to. However, once it gets going, the tension starts to build. As Garth rebuilds his memories he becomes aware that his wife is missing. He discovers Lacey had a questionable past, and comes to know the real strength of the woman he married. It is a story of abuse, strength, and revenge. We also see a different side of the assassin. Ariel Amiti is a professional and a human being. Garth and Ariel put aside their past to take on Marcos Muragh and his gang. Garth and his friends come to appreciate Ariel’s special skills. The story builds to a titanic ending that leaves no one untouched.

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A Great ReadMy elective reading time is limited so I choose books to read very carefully. Inside Moves exceeded my expectations; it was fast moving and the multiple characters kept my focus and the book overall left me wanting more! I did not want it to end!

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An awesome thriller!

This book reintroduces the readers to Garth Wainwright. He cuts his honeymoon in Salzburg short to attend his brother's funeral. With Inside Moves, Walter Danley continues his thrilling Wainwright Mystery series. It is a highly compelling read, with interesting characters - some already known and others newly introduced. Walter Danley paints a clear picture of the most important characters' minds while the story evolves. I was drawn very close to Garth and his experiences – an invisible friend and ally; learning with him that there are different kinds of bad guys. The characters are complex, believable with their flaws and virtues. Several plot lines are expertly woven into a thrilling experience - Inside Moves has a wonderful flow; it was easy to get hooked. I am looking forward to reading more. This is a book for you if you like thrillers with believable and complex characters. Highly recommended

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A Wainwright Mystery

Walter Danley

$3.99 e-book

Danley (The Tipping Point, 2015) returns to the adventures of novelist Garth Wainwright in this new mystery.

Wainwright is enjoying an Austrian honeymoon with his new wife, lawyer Lacey Kincaid, when the sudden and mysterious death of his brother Bobby forces them to return early to California. While Wainwright drives home from Bobby’s funeral through Topanga Canyon, his car is violently forced off the road by an unexpectedly aggressive Mercedes. The culprits, employees of a shadowy criminal enterprise, abscond with the unconscious Lacey, whose body is thrown from the wreck. Wainwright is left for dead. When he comes to in the hospital, his jaw wired and his bones broken, he has no memory—not of the recent events, and not even of his life before them: “He had no understanding of where he was or why he was there….When a person loses his memory, how can he know that he no longer has what he doesn’t remember he’s lost?” Around the same time, mob boss Marcos Murtagh leaves prison after 13 years. His first order of business is revenge, and he has two targets: Lacey, the lawyer who got him locked up, and Ariel Amriti, “the Assassin,” who murdered Murtagh’s son. As Wainwright attempts to use the clues of his present to reassemble the fragments of his past, his and Murtagh’s stories begin to intertwine. The novelist will be forced to use all his skills and resources to uncover the plot and save his wife, before all that he has lost mentally becomes physically lost as well. Danley is an adept storyteller, and the tale unfurls at a pace that keeps the reader pressing forward. The plot begins in a place of incredulity and moves ever further in that direction, but thankfully the author doesn’t take himself so seriously that the less realistic elements of the story sink it. Genre fans should enjoy this offering, which relishes in its own twists and tropes. Danley has not reinvented the wheel, but he’s produced a functional tale that will likely keep his audience intrigued all the way to the end.

Midwest Book Reviews

"We're losing him!" an EMT shouts as the ambulance careens down the streets of Santa Barbara carrying Bobby Wainwright, who's fighting for his life. The EMT knows that Bobby's been injured on the job as he inspected a construction site; the novel's ultimate focus isn't on Bobby, but on his brother Garth, who is left with many questions. 

Garth and his lawyer wife Lacey leave the funeral determined to search for truth and closure when a jeep drives them off the road and careens Garth and his wife over the edge in Topanga Canyon. Nobody should or could have survived that accident - but a determined sheriff succeeds in rescuing Garth against all odds, and then the real mystery begins as Garth struggles to recover, sans wife and memory, and piece together what happened not only to his brother, but to him. 

Inside Moves joins The Tipping Point in Walter Danley's 'Wainwright Mystery' series, but that doesn't mean that prior familiarity with the first novel is a prerequisite to enjoying this one. Flashbacks neatly put together the prior story of Lacey and Garth's relationship and lives while the central them of Garth's uncertain recovery and his ability to investigate without the tools of even his own memory makes for a gripping story of recovery and determination. 

Kidnappings and murder plots, a wife indicted by her actions and damning evidence, and lost memories replaced by new knowledge that one's biggest loves in life are questionable - all these are elements ofInside Moves that keeps readers on their toes and in the grip of an affair that is part relationship and part intrigue. 

As motivations on all sides grow murky and Wainwright finds himself tested by his own investigative prowess and what it uncovers, readers who appreciate complex stories of prisoners, jailers, and rescuers will relish the many layers of complexity that come between Garth and Lacey in the aftermath of Bobby's accident. 

Tests of sanity, goons with murky intentions and deadly, precisely executed plots, and a husband and wife's separate trials all coalesce in a story that is intriguing and hard to put down. This gripping read is highly recommended for audiences who relish solid characterization, series titles that don't rely on one another for support, and approaches that add to the excitement of the prior book without requiring special knowledge. 


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Inside Moves is the tremendous follow up to The Tipping Point, what I really like about this is that you don’t actually have to have read the first book in order to enjoy this one, but if you have read both then you get some nice back story and you’ll notice a few things that others might not because some of the characters have already been introduced to you. The book more or less sets out where the first one finished, cutting out a bit that we don’t need to sit through but not missing anything we need for the story. Our main characters are reintroduced briefly before throwing us into a fast paced, morbidly entertaining roller coaster. Whilst the first book had it’s gritty moments, this book is bloody. The nice thing is that for those of us who get a thrill from action, there is plenty, but for those who are more sensitive to gore it’s not too bad. Yes it sets your imagination plucking up those nasty images, but it won’t upset the more sensitive readers because the author doesn’t dwell on it or insist on describing every part of it. Some of the subject matter is a bit heavy for the more sensitive reader and we shouldn’t downplay the fact that some of the things mentioned in this book are horrible and may upset some people. One of the characters (I won’t mention who because for me it adds to the story to find that out for yourself) has had a hell of a past and it is downright nasty, but it’s been laid out with a purpose and it isn’t there to offend. It really does add to the story, although some may find it uncomfortable. Long story short, this is another fantastic read from Walter Danley and I am hoping that he continues to turn out books in the Wainright series. These really are stories which you can lose yourself in and I would recommend checking them out. As I said before, you don’t have to have read the first book but to get the full experience I would recommend starting from the beginning. If you’re unsure, just read my review of the first book before you start.