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Inventive Minds of 20th Century America:
Since 1790 over six million patents have been issued in the USA. Of these, approximately 5.8 million were awarded in the 20th century. The inventions they covered have been credited with providing the USA with its industrial supremacy. Whereas the patents awarded to a handful of famous 20th century inventors such as Edison, Marconi and Tesla are well known, there are hundreds of thousands of other inventors who contributed to the greatness of the USA whose names are long forgotten, consigned to files in the USA Patent Office, only to be reviewed by patent lawyers and Patent Office examiners and which rarely, if ever, see the light of day. This book is shining a light on these inventors and inventions through a series of books. The first book will trace inventors of new models of bicycles, improvements to bicycles and bicycle attachments. These books are not chronicling the history of bicycle designs, but rather they are celebrating the inventors themselves, whose intellect and perseverance enabled them to obtain patents for their inventions.