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Brad Farley
Iron and blood
Brad Farley, author
The Iron Kingdom: a half-mythical land conquered by barbarians an age ago, celebrated in song and legend. Here is a land of contrasts as beauty and savagery collide. The north-men, now savages no more, struggle to leave their brutal past behind as they strive to become more civilized and find peace. Yet, it remains a land of conflict ruled over by the Iron King, a mighty ruler, who is himself something of a legend. The king has grown old and the sun is setting on the days of his saga. Shadows grow long in the south, and Lord Garyth, a nobleman of doubtful lineage and agent of the crown is returning home. A celebrated warrior within the Iron Kingdom, Garyth is eager to get back to his home and family. However, he has discovered a shadowy plot that threatens the kingdom. Countless orcs gather under one banner in the mountains, their hungry eyes looking north, while worse creatures join them. War looms on the horizon, as some dark will seems to watch on in ravenous anticipation. To survive, the men of iron must once again fight against a seemingly overwhelming tide of darkness. This fight is not for land or wealth, this battle will be for their very survival.