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Brad Farley
Iron and Stone
Brad Farley, author

Winter has given way to spring and open war has descended upon the realm of the Iron Kingdom. Seemingly unstoppable, the orc horde has cut a swathe of destruction throughout the land. There have been heroes already, but even the valiant efforts of the Third Army have failed to do more than slow the bloodthirsty orcs relentless advance. Refugees flee their homes before the merciless orcs, making their way to Vakiun, capitol of the kingdom, hoping to find safety. The Iron King marshals his host, calling on every available warrior to fight for the very survival of their people. Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Stone, the dwarves, ancient allies of the Iron Kingdom prepare to honor their ancient oaths. All eyes look to a titanic confrontation such as has not been seen for an age. Watching all that transpires, the malevolent force that has engineered these terrible events, looks on in ravenous anticipation.